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Vertiflex™ Procedure

Vertiflex™ Procedure

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a common condition that affects many people. It is caused by an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal, which compresses and irritates the nerve roots. The resulting symptoms can include pain, numbness, weakness, and difficulty walking. Left untreated, it can lead to more serious problems such as paralysis or bowel and bladder dysfunction. Fortunately, there are treatment options available—including the Vertiflex™ procedure.


What Is the Vertiflex Procedure?

The Vertiflex procedure is an outpatient surgical procedure designed to reduce pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis. The goal of the surgery is to create additional space within the narrowing of the spine to relieve pressure from the compressed nerves. The procedure involves placing two small metal implants along each side of the lumbar spine using a minimally invasive approach through a small incision. These implants act as spacers between vertebrae and help keep them apart, thus creating more space for nerve roots to pass through without being compressed or irritated.


Benefits of the Vertiflex Procedure

The benefits of this type of surgery include reduced pain and improved mobility due to increased spinal space in the affected area. Additionally, since it is performed using minimally invasive techniques, patients can expect shorter recovery times than with traditional open surgeries and fewer risks associated with complications such as infection or bleeding. Additionally, because it’s an outpatient procedure (meaning you can go home on the same day), there’s no need to worry about long hospital stays or costly overnight fees associated with traditional open-back surgeries.


Risks Involved With This Procedure

As with any type of surgery, there are certain risks involved when undergoing a Vertiflex procedure including infection, bleeding, or allergic reactions to anesthesia used during surgery as well as other possible complications related to implant placement and recovery time after surgery that should be discussed with your doctor before undergoing this type of procedure. Additionally, because this is a newer technology not all health insurance companies may cover it so make sure you check your policy before scheduling your appointment with your doctor if you are considering this option for treating lumbar spinal stenosis pain relief.



The Vertiflex procedure is an effective treatment option for lumbar spinal stenosis that offers many advantages over traditional open back surgeries such as shorter recovery times and fewer risks associated with complications like infection or bleeding—all while providing relief from persistent pain associated with lumbar spinal stenosis due to increased space in affected areas. However, it’s important to note that not all insurance companies will cover this newer technology so make sure you check your policy before scheduling your appointment if you are interested in pursuing this treatment option for relieving back pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis. As always, consult your doctor before making any medical decisions regarding treatments for any medical condition that you may have been diagnosed with including lumbar spinal stenosis or its related symptoms like chronic back pain or difficulty walking due to nerve compression caused by an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal in affected areas along your lower back region.

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